Monday, October 23, 2006

Collage in the San Jose Museum of Art!!!

Becky, Ruth and Me at the San Jose Museum of Art.

"Her Story" Collage (below) in the San Jose Museum of Art.

Hi everyone! My friend Becky and I have been super busy creating this (24x36) collage on canvas called "Her Story". It is the story in pictures and mementos of a mysterious woman's life around the turn of the century.We're so excited to announce that it is currently on display in the San Jose Museum of Art! The name of the exhibit is "We Are Family" and it will run through January 7, 2007. We went to the opening reception Saturday night and had so much fun with our friends and family. Thanks to all who came! Becky and I both agree that seeing our art on display in such an awesome museum gives us the feeling of just giving birth and Christmas morning all wrapped into one. We were thrilled to see so many people admiring our "baby" and making such nice comments! If you're in the area you must go see it and the over 400 other amazing pieces of art in this show. Believe me this is not a show you want to miss! Take your family and friends. Kids will also enjoy it because the artists span all age groups. There is also some interactive art activities for the whole family to enjoy! Hope to see you there!

P.S. Thanks to our wonderful friend and fellow "art lady" Ruth (pictured above) for telling us about the awesome opportunity to get our art displayed in the San Jose Museum of Art. Her art is hanging next to ours. It's a beautiful, brightly colored painting with a vintage wooden tennis racket attached to it. Thanks Ruth, we love you!