Thursday, December 17, 2009

Art Night, Fun Night!

I love having Art Night! Now that I don't have the studio anymore I am doing art night at my house. I would like to do a lot more of these on a regular basis with many different people! I don't know how they would feel about coming to my home as opposed to my studio, but I actually think it adds a more personal touch! Above is my bff Becky and my daughter Natasha and granddaughter Molly! *** There is that orb again (on the ceiling). It used to show up on many of the pictures of the studio. I think when I closed the studio it followed me home! I'm naming it my Angel Art Orb! lol!

Becky is working on this little antique chair for her granddaughter for Christmas. It looks like a storybook fantasy! Something that would be sold in a cool funky boutique in San Francisco!

I decided to make lemon pesto pasta for the girls. Doing art can work up an appetite!!!

Natasha made the cutest ornament for her tree based on her favorite Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life" Good job honey!

Molly is collaging a little canvas with an old fashioned Christmas tree. She thinks she's a big girl drinking pomegranate limeade out of a wine glass!

Molly's cute little Christmas collage on a 5x7 canvas! Very artistic sweetie!