Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hangin' with my Bro!

Yesterday my sweet brother took my out for a marvelous lunch at Ragoots! It was such a beautiful day so we sat out on the patio watching the people stroll by. The food at Ragoots is delicious. I had an Asian chicken salad and he had Tuscan Linguini! It was very special because I don't get to go out to eat very often. I've been suffering from that ancient Italian disease... "ma-funds-are-low"! Anyway I really appreciate my brother taking me out! He is my bestest friend! Love his cool new hat too! xoxo Danny!

P.S. I'm growing my hair (needed a change) and it's driving me crazy right now. It's in that ugly middle phase between short and long. I just need to hang in there a few more months but can I do it? I don't know. And will I even be glad I did? Okay I'm committed. Only going to grow it to my shoulders with lots of layers. We'll see...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Missing my Sweet Pepper Today

I'm missing my dear sweet Pepper dog today. Poor old girl. We had to put her to "sleep" a few week ago, ugh, so sad. She was 14 years old so that's 98 years old in people years. She was half German Shepard and half Siberian Husky. She could barely walk anymore because of arthritis and she had many other ailments so it was time for her to go to that great doggy park in the sky. It was a lot harder for me to let her go than I thought. I haven't even been able to blog about it until now and it's been about three weeks. It helps that we moved to another house so at least I'm not picturing her laying by the door looking out as she used to do so often. I'm picturing her up in heaven running around pain free with my grandma and grandpa taking good care of her. I love you old Pep! Thanks for being my son's best friend as he was growing up and being our family's faithful watch dog! "Free Dog" at last!