Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Little of My World

Thought I would share a little of my world with you. A few posts back I showed a picture of the house that I just moved into. I said that I wanted to start decorating in reds, turquoise, gold and browns, etc... Well here is the beginnings of that trend. Here is my living room/ dining area. I was standing on the landing of the stairs that lead to the bedrooms on the second floor. To the left of the railing is my front door. I just realized when you click on this picture (below) you can see all of my recyclables sitting on the dining table "Go Green"! lol!

Here is the grouping of pictures I did above my couch. I'm kind of going with a Spanish/Old Mission decorating theme with some Italy/Tuscany thrown in.

Here is what we refer to as the "Santa Chair". I got this chair from the Goodwill a few years ago.

There are so many crosses in my house that my son said a vampire wouldn't dare set foot inside! You can see my big old sweet dog Pepper laying on her bed by the door. She is 98 years old in people years. Poor old girl just lays around and sleeps a lot now a days.

Here is my cute little antique bar (below) that I got a few years ago. It opens up and has an entire set of gold leaf 50's bar ware like the ones you see sitting on top here.

While I'm at it I mind as well throw in a few pictures of the kitchen. I love the big window above the sink that looks out to the backyard.

The picture below was taken while standing by the dining table looking straight into the kitchen.

So there you have it a look into my cozy little home and world!