Sunday, September 05, 2010

Glamour Girl Candles!

We had the best time making these "Glamour Girl Candles" for Savvy Seconds boutique. Each one started to take on it's own personality, so we started calling them "the girls"! It was as if we were back in time playing with our Barbies again, dressing up each girl! So fun! Thought you all would enjoy some close up pics!

The mini candles of strong, beautiful, glamorous woman!

Very mod retro Twiggy and Audrey!

Of course the beautiful, chic Audrey Hepburn!

And... Marilyn.... sexy, sexy Marilyn!

And the best thing is that when you light them the pictures glow! They last for hours and hours and they're so inspiring! Great for the bedroom... very sexy and of course in the bathroom while taking a bath or any room in your house! :)

If anyone is interested in buying one you can go to Savvy Seconds boutique on 2nd street and Monterrey here in Morgan Hill, CA... or you can order them on our website...