Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Sister Came for a Visit!

My sister Toni (right) came to visit me from Arizona. We had so much fun! Actually, probably a little too much fun a couple of times! I hadn't seen her in about two years! It's always so fun hanging out with her and staying up till the wee hours of the morning (4:00am) having "girl talk"!. This was the first day she was here. She took me out to lunch at Ragoots here in Morgan Hill. It was so yummy! Thanks Toni! I miss you lots! I wish we lived by each other. Hey, we forgot to play the humming game!

P.S. Why do I look so happy in this picture? Because I just ate a fantastic Reuben and had some awesome Pinot Grigio! Ahhhh!

My Sidewalk Sign!

This is my new sidewalk sign! It looks a lot cooler in person because it has sparkles on it that don't really show up in the picture. The other side of the sign is basically the same. I wanted to make the sign very visible with the lettering and also have it represent the type of art I do. I can now put this outside on the sidewalk when I'm open to try and draw people upstairs to my studio to make a project or just get some information. Yay! I'm very happy with it!

Finally... My First Art Journal Pages!

Wow, I didn't know it would be so hard getting started on my art journal. I finally did the first two pages! Now I think I'll be on a role because I'm thinking of lots of ideas to journal about! Yay! My sister Elizabeth's art journal is such an inspiration to me! Getting started was the hardest part but now I'm excited! Every "artist" should do one of these! Now I need to write some of my thoughts on these pages. hmmmm.