Sunday, June 17, 2007

Been a Busy Bee!

I have been a busy bee lately getting the studio ready for making art and holding workshops. It has taken much more time than I thought it would to get everything organized to move. I don't know about you but whenever I have moved to a new residence I always under estimate the task. It never looks to me like I have that much stuff until I actually start packing it and moving it. Then it's like "YIKES where did all this sh__ (I mean stuff) come from"? Well it's been like that with my studio. Just going through all my materials and trying to figure out what I really want to take over there and what I need for classes, etc... is taking lots of work and energy, whew!

MySpace Adventures!
In the midst of doing all the studio stuff I keep getting (tempted) side tracked by MySpace, lol! I can see why people get so hooked on this. It's so fun to log on and see my new messages/comments and friend requests! I feel so popular! lol! I had put out a few friend requests to artist and different people I found while surfing around. Then I started getting other friend requests to me. I was so excited! I also have learned how to find and copy a layout and music and a slide show of pictures of my art. It's so fun! Check it out when you can. Click on the MySpace link at the top right side section of this blog!

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