Saturday, March 31, 2007

Funky Little Easter Tree!

Last night my "bff" Becky and I made a funky little Easter tree for Easter and this is how we did it! We snipped a branch from a tree in her yard. Then we found a small tin bucket that she already had. Any container will do. We mixed up some plaster of paris (JoAnne's fabrics) according to directions and poured it into the bucket. We placed the branch down into the plaster of paris, centering it into the position we wanted. We found some big cable/wire cutters to lay across the bucket to help hold the branch in place till the plaster dried (about 30 minutes). Anything will work here as long as it holds the branch in place. Once the plaster dried and the branch was stable, we removed the wire cutters and began to decorate the tree. We smeared some glue stick on the branches and sprinkled them with white glitter to resemble melted frost. We then hung tiny Easter ornaments (JoAnne's Fabrics) all over the tree. You could actually make your own little ornaments using paper, glitter, stickers, etc... this would be a fun project in and of itself. We finished the tree by placing some moss around the base to hide the plaster of paris. You could use Easter grass for this as well. Tie a cute ribbon around the bucket/container and volia! You have a funky little Easter tree to decorate your kitchen table or anywhere else in your home! Happy Easter!

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