Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Magnificent Myrtle!

This is Myrtle! I found her "naked" at an Espirit store sell out. I knew I had to have her to collage on. A few friends and I got together and worked on her for 3 full days. We decided that her theme was going to be (what else?) all about woman! She represents our grandmothers, great grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. And, those woman who have had an influence on our lives. She (attended) was on display at the "Relay for Life" cancer walk last year and she caused quite a stir! People kept coming up and admiring her beautiful body and images. She was also on display for a time at Casa Blue Salon here in my town of Morgan Hill, CA. I thought I would share her with all of you. She may just have to become the mascot for "Collage Cafe" What do you think?


Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

She is too cool. I see you live in Nor Cal too. You have to come to my studio for a day of creating and see my "Myrtle" A lady of 76 years young gave her to me. She was a seamtress her whole life so my "Myrtle is an oldie.
I dress mine by the season or sometimes with old family photos. In my studio I have a small one dressed with a vintage baby dress. I just love them!
Anyway, the offer stands if you ever want to come. And bring a friend!
fondly, Nancy

primdollie said...

well Mrytle ROCKS!!!! what an awesome piece of art!!! you did a phenomenal job!!!!!!!!hugs Linda

Camille said...

"Myrtle" is wonderful. You & your friends have done a beautiful job. We have a lot in common. Maybe sometime, you & Myrtle & your friends could join Grace Slick & I as we paint by the sea. Maybe have a cuppa? What say?
With much love & wishes for all things beautiful, Camille by the Sea.

Ro Bruhn said...

She looks fabulous, all she needs now is some long chunky necklaces

Anonymous said...

Love Myrtle. Absolutely inspiring! Regards, Tricia

Heather said...

This is fantastic. I love it. Excited to see that you are going to have an actual studio space. Please keep me apprised of your classes/ goings on. I REALLY Need a local artsy friend or group to do things with.