Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Myrtle was Mobile at the Mardi Gras!

This was my "plan B". The Myrtle (mini) float. I had to make Myrtle mobile so I could pull her around at the (newly located) Mushroom Mardi Gras this weekend. You should have seen the looks she got! People loved her! I draped a little red wagon with some embossed silk fabric and tulle. Then I set Myrtle on her stand inside the wagon and gave her a little skirt to hide the ugly metal stand. I displayed some of my collages around the bottom at the base of the stand. As I was walking with her, a group of teenage guys passed by and said "wow, that's way cool"! lol! I wheeled her all over the festival on Saturday and Sunday and handed out my flyers (below). Hopefully I'll get some calls for my classes. I listed my workshop dates and times on the back of these little flyers which are the size of a quarter of a sheet of paper.

A couple of my 11x14 collages (below) that I revamped for display on the Myrtle float.

"Old Hollywood" Collage on Canvas

"Touch of Tuscany" Collage on Canvas

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