Monday, May 21, 2007

Prep for Mushroom Mardi Gras Festival

I made the flyer (at the bottom) to hand out at the Mushroom Mardi Gras festival next weekend here in Morgan Hill, CA. The flyer actually looks a little different than this but for some reason it didn't copy over to my blog in the same font and text size that I used. This is basically what it looks like though. I am placing four of these on a page so each one is a quarter of a page in size. I'll copy them on brightly colored paper and cut them using the paper cutter at the copy place. They will be small "handbills" to hand out to people at the festival. Then when someone seems interested and wants more info. I'll give them a more detailed brochure/schedule. Beautiful "Myrtle the Mannequin" will be with me.

Hopefully she will attract attention and interest some people into wanting to know more about Collage Cafe Art Studio! I'll be setting up a MySpace this week and I still have to paint two racks/cabinets, move all my stuff in, hang my art /decorate, get the copies done, get my hair cut and cover that damn gray, etc... etc.... etc...! Yikes, I'm coming down the home stretch! I better get my "butooty" in gear! (did I spell that right?) Well there won't be much time for sleep this week! I'll need the old cover stick under the eyes at the festival. Oh, nevermind, I'll just wear my sunglasses instead, lol!

Collage Café
Art Studio
* Collage * Altered Art * Assemblage

Open Studio
Every Friday Night
7 – 9 pm
$ 25.00 @ the Door

*Choose a Project *All Materials Included
*Beginners Welcome *Teens to Adults

17415 Monterey Rd. #202
(2nd floor above "Just Breakfast")
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

*Monthly Workshops
*Custom Art Parties available

Contact: Stacey Dean (Artist/Instructor)

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