Saturday, May 19, 2007

Best Mother's Day Gift!

I forgot to tell all of you what a wonderful Mother's day I had. It all began when I found out on email that I had received a two year subscription to Somerset Studio Magazine from my husband for Mother's Day! He also informed me that "it comes with a free clip art CD"! This sounded so funny coming from him because he genuinely sounded excited about it. Usually if I show him something in my Somerset he tries to seem interested but I know otherwise. I told him this was the best Mother's Day gift he could have gotten me!!! I'm so excited! I just got the current issue of Somerset and Cloth Paper Scissors so I know what I'll be doing tonight. I hope tonight when I go to sleep I have "visions of collages dancing in my head". Or... maybe I could have "champagne wishes and collage dreams"! Okay that's enough already, ha! The remainder of my Mother's Day was spent at my bff's house for a BBQ where I had entirely too many mimosa's causing quite a headache, but it was fun!

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Retro Rose said...

You are one luck momma. That was so cool of your husband.
rhonda S