Monday, September 24, 2007

More Views of the Studio

There is an eve (or a shelf) all the way around the top of my studio. I've been collecting various items to decorate this area so that when you look up it will be kind of interesting. I put an old Chinese umbrella and some bird houses up there.
And... I went dumpster diving (hate to admit it) and found some palms that someone had trimmed off their tree, so I placed a bunch of them all the way around. It kind of gives the feel of being outdoors. I also put some old frames and old suitcases stacked up there too.
Here is my old wooden angel placed up here to watch over the studio. Behind her is a really cool wrought iron cross that my MIL gave me.
This is my friend Becky and her daughter Halie doing collages at the studio!


Camille said...

Hi, Great job on the rest of your studio. It is soooo cute & cozy. You are a good decorator--the student surpasses the teacher!
Becky looks darling in her glasses.
Love, Mom

Mr. Mantia said...

Awe, I miss talking to Becky, tell her i said "Hi"