Wednesday, September 26, 2007

OMG, Look What I Found in my House Today!!!

OMG! I was in a room downstairs in my house last night that used to be my studio and I was on my computer updating my website, when suddenly I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and this is what I saw crawling across the carpet!!!! (Yes I need to vaccum - that's a lot of dog hair, lol!) Click on the picture and get a close-up of my new little friend!
He was huge! To the right of the picture is my poor old dog Pepper (1/2 Husky & 1/2 Shepherd). She was sleeping on her sleeping bag. To the left is a box of stored dishes. And then, there is my new BIG furry friend! ughhhhh!!!!!
My husband scooped him up in a jar and let him go outside (where he definitly belongs)! I heard it is mating season and I hope to God his mate isn't in here! All I can think about is what if I had wakened up in the middle of the night with this thing crawling on me!!! Or, what if it had crawled on me while I was surfing the net at 2:00am? SCREAM!!!!!!!


Victoria said...

OMG - i would have freaked out if i would have seen this thing near me. I'm not afraid of other spiders, or snakes or really anything except these - i think it's because they are so big and hairy - eek!!

Mr. Mantia said...

WOW, can you imagine that thing crawling around at night? Yikes!!!
I havent seen a Tarantula since I lived out in the New Almaden area of San Jose.