Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Taste of Morgan Hill" Art & Wine Festival

I had a display at the "Taste of Morgan Hill" Art & Wine Festival this weekend. It was so fun! I met lots of cool peeps and saw lots of familiar faces too. It was so fun showing "Myrtle the mannequin" and my collage art and class samples.

That's me standing by my table. The open door behind me is where my studio is located up the stairs on the second floor. I took a lot of people up there to check it out and the reactions where all the same, everyone seemed to love it! They all said they want to come and create art!!! Yay!
Here I am standing by Myrtle. She got lots of looks, especially from the guys! Isn't that funny! She also got a lot of attention from little kids. One little girl about 4 years old came up to her and started giggling and pointing at her and said "she has sparkles"! It was so cute!
Here is my darling daughter Natasha who came out and helped me this weekend. Thank heavens for her or I wouldn't have been able to get some food or go to the bathroom! lol! Overall it was a great weekend and I was able to really get the word out about Collage Cafe Art Studio!


MB Shaw said...

Hi Stacey & Myrtle! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you had a gorgeous weekend for a show - everything looks wonderful. I so miss the Bay area.

tangled stitch said...

So totally cool! Myrtle and good luck with your new creative endeavor. I'm way up here in the North on the East Coast so I can't come see you in person. But your blog certainly makes me want to.