Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sweet sister Allicia! It was so good to see her when I visited Salt Lake City. This is a picture of us at our Grandma's house. I hope you had a wonderful birthday sweetie! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Us Aries girls must stick together!

*Note: if you look closely on the side of my nose (click on picture to enlarge) you can see my new nose piercing. I got it for my 48th birthday (April 1st). I wanted to do something fun and out of character so I decided to go for it! It's a little light blue crystal to match my eyes. Kinda cute huh?

Well I bet you guys didn't know that I am a woman of many talents! Not only am I an "Artist" but I am what I like to call a "faux hairdresser" aka... a wanna be/pretend hairdresser. I missed my original calling and never went beauty school. Then I met my best friend Becky who just so happens to be the best hairdresser on the planet! She gave me some lessons in hair cutting so now I can cut my husbands hair, son's hair and my son-in-law's hair. Here I am cutting (for the first time) my brother Cris' hair while I was visiting my sister in Salt Lake.

I didn't bring my cape or my hair cutting scissors so we wrapped him in a flowered sheet and I used my craft scissor. They're kind of dull from cutting paper but they worked! He had gone out that day and bought a Vidal Sassoon trimer so that helped.

Yikes, his hair is very straight and sticks out like a porcupine. It was kinda scary there for a minute. Good thing I had that glass of wine before hand to calm my nerves, lol!

It ended up turning out really cute! It also helps that he's so damn handsome (and single I might add)! Anyone? Anyone? He'd probably kill me if he saw this (JK)!

Hello there tall (6"3'), dark and handsome with a terrific new haircut! Ah yes, I am an artist in so many ways! Mwah ha ha ha!

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