Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wine, Cheese and Collage!

My sister Elizabeth and I had a great time during my visit to Salt Lake City. One night at her house we drank some really good (cheap) wine and nibbled from this yummy cheese plate that she made. Then we started making collages around 10:00pm (we're both night owls).

Note: That's a collage candle on the window seal (background) that I made for her birthday last year. It has Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra on it (she's a big fan)!

We were just going to base coat our canvas' because it was getting kind of late but then we got on a roll and collaged until 5:00am! Yikes! Time flies when you're collaging and having fun with your sister! Here is her very first ever collage on canvas! Good job E~ (aka, Elizabeth)!

The feather on her collage came from her very talkative bird Pascal (below). It's spring so he's molting. He's an Amazon Parrot and he's quite the flirt! Sorry the picture's kind of dark.

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