Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Visit to Salt Lake City

I had an awesome trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to visit my wonderful beautiful "baby (she hates it when we call her that) sister" Elizabeth (aka E~ just like Elvis... we used to think she was his love child, lol)! We had a great time eating out almost every day and night and shopping at cool boutiques and thrift stores in her little artsy town of Sugar House! We had just finished eating (above) at Mazza Restaurant where they have the best middle eastern food and Lebanese wine! My face is starting to turn red (red wine does that to me) and my teeth are looking slightly purple! lol!
On our way home we spotted this funky little thrift store (above) called Abode Paris Flea Market so we quickly pulled over! Skreech! We were in heaven! There's nothing like good food, good wine and good junk! That certainly makes for a GOOD DAY!
This is the street where my sister lives in Sugar House, Utah. The weather is very different from California that's for sure! It snowed twice while I was there and this is suppose to be spring!
This is my sister's cute house. She has a claw foot bathtub. I just love claw foot bathtubs! I think she should collage it! Darn, I should have gotten a picture of it! The red building next door is a cool, funky hair salon.

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