Saturday, August 02, 2008

Molly Loves Being in the Studio!

A few months ago (May to be exact) I took my granddaughter Molly to the studio with me one night. I had some cleaning and organizing to do so she said "Grammy can I come with you and make something for my mom for Mother's day"? I said "sure what do you want to make"? She said that she had found a recipe online for some homemade perfume so she was going to make some for her mom and she needed a bottle to put it in. I knew just the bottle she could collage! It was a bottle I bought at Micheal's for 99 cents! So here is her finished bottle! Wow! She did this all by herself and I didn't even help her. My daughter Natasha was thrilled! Talk about a keepsake! I'll get the recipe for the perfume and post it here soon because it was so easy to make and it smelled great!
After she finished the perfume bottle she made a collage on a canvas board for her bedroom!

It's a very intense process you know!

Molly loves being in the studio just like her Grammy!

Her little puppies Weanie (don't ask me why she named it that), Cuddles and their son (I forgot his name) love to watch their "mommy" doing collage. She has had these puppies since she was born. She takes them everywhere she goes even to school in her backpack. I asked her why she does this and she told me "just in case there's ever a fire she doesn't want to loose them"! Yikes, I hope there's never a fire! I think it's so cute how special they are to her though! My daughter and I had actually bought "back-up puppies" (the exact same kind) in case these were ever lost. A couple of times through the years she did lose them so we had to give her the "back-ups" which were all new and clean so she was sceptical about them being the "real" thing. We told her that they had just gotten back from the Spa! LOL! She really believed it back then! She hasn't lost them now for many years, thank God because I don't think they make these puppies anymore! It is soooo fun being a Grammy!

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