Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Wish Candles!

My best buddy Becky came over the other night just to hang out and talk. I made a big pot of lentil soup and a bowl of garlic cucumber yogurt dip with sourdough bread. We poured ourselves a glass of vino and started looking though some art stuff.

Before Christmas she had brought over some tiny candles and match boxes to collage for possible Christmas goodies/stocking stuffers but never got around to them. To be honest I thought "how in the world is she going to collage something that tiny and why in the world would she want to collage something that tiny"?

Well as you can see they turned out beautiful as Becky's things always do. She gets a vision and then just runs with it. She is so creative! It inspires me to be around her! She has decided to make these her New year's wish candles. Little candles with little matchboxes. Light them and make a wish or say a prayer! So special and cute and easy and fast to make! Love it!


Elizabeth said...

What a great idea, wish candles! She really is the most creative person. I always feel super inspired around her too. You make me feel the same way when I'm around you.

Elizabeth said...

P.S - I love how you always have something tastey to 'whip up' too! I want to be like you.

Anonymous said...

These are really cute - can we make them when we have our art, wine and food night? (I'm thinking every night, right?) With the special wishes and prayers it kind of reminds me of prayer shawls, but a lot less labor intensive.